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Once we got back from our 4 days of training, Brian and I were wiped out. We decided to give ourselves a few days off from boat work, especially since it was Macmillan’s (Brian’s old company’s) Sales Conference right across the way at the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Beach, and we were looking forward to catching up with some old friends.

We were so excited to have Patty Garcia from Tor come visit us on the boat – we can prove to someone from the “real world” that yes, we really do LIVE ON A BOAT!

Patty (@opattyg on Twitter) came to visit!

Patty (@opattyg on Twitter) came to visit!

She brought us beer and lounged for a while, and then we went to crash the pre- and post-dinner cocktails.

We had an absolute blast catching up with everyone, and significantly increased Macmillan’s bar tab, but hey, Brian put in a lot of years there, right? And confession time – since the Hospitality Suite for the post-dinner drinks was an actual hotel suite, once the party wound down to about 4 or 5 of us, I did what I’m learning any liveaboard would do – I totally took a shower and washed my hair. What I’m learning quickly these days – a good bathe is a swim in a chlorinated pool, showers on board are usually rinse off / soap up / rinse off affairs, and if you can get a real shower, on land, with unlimited hot water and water pressure…you take it where you can get it!

The next morning, our friends at Waste Busters came to empty our holding tanks again…we’re quickly realizing our tanks are very small and we have to keep a close eye on things. Then we had the Boat Art lady come by to take measurements for our new boat name – hopefully we will officially be Summertime Rolls by the end of this week!

We decided that while we are probably capable of changing out the hoses in our (toilet) heads, we aren’t quite yet willing to do it, so Stuart sent over his man Brian on Friday to do the job. Bless him…he spent the day in very tight quarters doing a very thankless job, and we are so grateful to now have brand new lines and less stink!

The old, gross, poopy head hoses.

The old, gross, poopy head hoses.

The highlight of the past few days was hosting our first ever cruisers happy hour! I connected with Mel from s/v Vacilando and Jessica from m/v Felicity through this fabulous Facebook group called Women Who Sail – it’s been an invaluable resource for us as we get started on our journey, and I am certain we’ll continue to rely on their feedback. In any case, Mel and Chris, and Jessica, her daughter Gia, and their friend Sandy came over last night for snacks and beers, and it was so awesome to trade stories and get to know each other.

I totally blanked on taking pics of our guests last night...but the Women Who Sail Facebook group helped me identify what this through hull is for!

I totally blanked on taking pics of our guests last night…but the Women Who Sail Facebook group helped me identify what this through hull is for!

We have plans to visit them at their boats later this week…and PS? They both have landside shower facilities for me to use. SCORE!

  1. I can remember “TheBestShowerOfMyLife” being on a week-long charter in the BVIs years ago. So far as a Liveaboard, I have great water pressure and unlimited supply… until we leave, that is. I can totally relate to your shower fixation as I’m sure I will be “shower-seeking” along with the other Cruisers soon… very soon.

    I’m a Women Who Sail FB girl too! I can’t believe you are all over there having such fun without me!

  2. That was a fun night, and I gotta hand it to you, because I’m not sure I would have had the guts to shower in the Suite – haha. I completely spaced on taking pics, too, and I’m usually the photo queen so we’ll be sure to get some on Thursday!

  3. good show guys. I’m going to follow you and read your stories. been to those areas so many times its good to remember and get a different perspective as well thanks for the post

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