Shore Leave – West Bay, New Providence

I use the term “shore leave” very loosely here, as we only went for a few hours this afternoon!  Since arriving on Thursday, we’ve been busy on the boat – cleaning, fixing things, swimming off the boat in the crystal clear water.  I was a little worried when first swimming when I couldn’t dive down more than a few feet – hoping it’s not some sort of latent sinus infection!  That would be a real bummer for when we finally get to some good snorkeling grounds.

Our friends Wade and Theresa on Adamant had us over for an amazing meal last night – seems we may be parting ways for a few days, and it’s so weird – we never really thought ourselves the buddy boat types but it’s been really nice to have their company.

Today we finally went ashore here – the southwestern end of the bay is a national park, so we took the dinghy over and stretched our legs for a bit – here are some pics from our little stroll.

Tomorrow we make the 45 mile run to Highbourne Cay, and after that, we’ll make short hops down to Staniel Cay, where we plan to spend at least a week or two, if not more.  Not sure about internet but hopefully will have it here and there!

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