Shore Leave – Sunny South Florida!

After our little poop party, it was time to make our way to our final destination for the holidays, the anchorage at Lettuce Lake in Pompano Beach.  We had about 8 miles to cover with 5 bridges that open on fixed schedules, so we timed our departure from the marina pretty carefully.  Even with our careful planning, it still took us 3 hours to cover this relatively short distance.

Once we arrived and got ourselves settled, it was time to drop the dinghy into the water for the first time since Nantucket.  Thankfully, it started up right away!  Good dinghy.  Then we were off across the water about 100 yards to Brian’s dad’s rental place to get some hugs (I warned him first about the poop) and some much needed showers.

We had been slightly hopeful that we might be able to tie Summer up to the dock in front of the condo, but once we got over there and studied the pilings and the space (not to mention the condition of the dock), we decided that anchoring out would be the best plan, and while it was bumpy from wakes of passing power boats and jetskis, it was fine.  And we had an awesome dinghy dock with showers, kitchen, and TV 😉

Santa was GOOOOD to us!

Santa was GOOOOD to us!


The Christmas holidays were great, they passed by too quickly, but we got some great visit time with my mom and my brother (as well as Brian’s dad).  Plus Santa brought us just what we wanted, a 60 lb. Manson Supreme anchor!  This should hold us nice and snug over in the Bahamas.



We had time to just sit and relax after all the company went home, which for cruisers means tackling boat projects.  We replaced the engine hour meter on the port side, which somehow made the tachometer on that side sort of work (never has since we moved aboard!)  We started loading on the gear we’ve been ordering and having sent to Brian’s dad while we were on the move, spent time getting the boat cleaned up, and getting some rest in as well.

There we are in the center of the picture...the powerboat was along the dock on the left.  Just nudged in the nose and swung the stern on in!

There we are in the center of the picture…the powerboat was along the dock on the left. Just nudged in the nose and swung the stern on in!


After about two weeks, and about 4 days before our haul out date, we decided to head down to the marina where we were going to be hauled.  The wakes were starting to get a little irritating, and we had jobs that were best done while on a dock instead of a rolly anchorage, like put on our new Christmas present.  So another 3 hours to do 8 miles with 5 bridges, and we tied up to the fuel dock at Harbour Towne Marina.  Brian ran over to check out the spot they were putting us in, to see if we thought we’d have an issue getting in on our own, while I handled the pump out (no incidents this time!).  He came back shaking his head so I called up Johan from Just Catamarans, and he came by to give us a hand.  And once we navigated over to the spot, and with his guidance, I nudged us in past a massive powerboat and a big catamaran.  I think I’ve got this down now!

We spent the weekend catching up on boat work, especially defrosting the freezer in anticipation of the haul out (we wouldn’t have shore power and didn’t want to drain our batteries).  With a rental car we were able to start some of the provisioning for the Bahamas.  And there was fun too – we got to see our friends Melody and Chris on Vacilando, and met Stacie and Ralph from Lasata, and ironically enough our friends Ariana and Matt, who we met at the dock in Annapolis this fall, happened to be just down the road staying with family.  Good times!

Up she goes!

Up she goes!


On Monday we got ready to haul Summer out of the water for the first time (at least while she was ours…I don’t count the haul out for the survey).  I was pretty freaked about getting out of our tight spot and into a 28 foot concrete well, but all went very smoothly, with the help of a few more of the Just Catamarans crew.  Now that she’s our girl, we both felt really protective of her – she’s not just a boat anymore!  Mostly, we were super excited / nervous to see how much gross growth she had on her hulls from all of those months on the ICW, and we weren’t disappointed!


Loving the bottom paint!

Loving the bottom paint!

And now we wait for the work to get done.  Paint is just about there, so far no issues with the inspection of the sail drives, props are off and getting cleaned, and we could be back in the water as early as Thursday.  Then they’ll do some engine maintenance, and we’ll be just about done.  The plan is to see when the work is done, get provisioned up, and then sail down to Biscayne Bay to wait for our weather window.  Next Tuesday looks like the next good one, but we’re not sure we’ll be ready to go by then.  We also want to be sure to get some sailing in to make sure any repairs done hold up before we take off to somewhere where it’ll be far more difficult to get things fixed.  But we are super excited to start our next stage of the adventure!



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