Shore Leave – Nantucket, Summer 2014

Once again, we had only a short stay of 2 1/2 months on our mooring in Nantucket Harbor, thanks to being sidelined by boat repairs in Annapolis once again.  As we arrived on July 3rd, there was no rest for us wicked sailors, as we had to rush to get the boat prepped for the arrival of Hurricane Arthur, predicted to hit on July 4th.

This was our first major storm, so of course we were nervous.  We took down our entire Bimini enclosure and removed everything from the cockpit.  Our sails were tied down, and we removed ourselves, the cats, and our important belongings, and hightailed it to Brian’s dad’s place on land.  He already had a houseful of guests, but fortunately there was still a bit of room for us and our furbabies;-)  The next morning, we looked at the Nantucket paper’s website and held our breaths…the pictures of the 40+ boats washed ashore had us panicked, especially when we saw a catamaran washed up on the beach!  So, we packed the cats back up, and got back into town as quickly as we could.

Arriving back at the boat, we were relieved to see the boat was still snug on the mooring, with no real damage, but after speaking with some of our neighbors, we were glad we didn’t stay on the boat – they said it was so scary, watching boats just fly right by them.

Two of my favorite kitties this summer at Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals...they're still up for adoption!

Two of my favorite kitties this summer at Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals…they’re still up for adoption!

So after we got the boat put back together, we could start enjoying our time at home!  This summer, it involved getting caught up on doctor’s appointments, seeing our friends at the animal shelter, spending some land time with Brian’s dad (the joys of a real kitchen!) and catching up with both old and new friends at our “local”, the Starlight.  We were thrilled that Shannan and Leigh from Blue Dog made it up our way again (we also spent loads of time with them in Annapolis this year, which was awesome), but other than that, it was a real change of pace from our months spent as “cruisers” – we really are “liveaboards” when we’re there, and there really is a striking difference.


"Celebrity" guests Tasha and Ryan from Turf to Surf, after a day sailing, on our way to show them a good night out on the town.

“Celebrity” guests Tasha and Ryan from Turf to Surf, after a day sailing, on our way to show them a good night out on the town.

We did have some very special guests come visit – Tasha and Ryan from Turf to Surf!  We’ve been following their blog for almost 2 years now, and their posts on their trip down the ICW and through the Bahamas were a great guide for us as we made the same trip.  They are waaay more hardcore sailors than us, and they weren’t going to stand for a weekend of sitting around the boat – they made us take Summer out sailing!  We had a great weather day for it, and it did feel good to get off the mooring.  Sadly (for others, not us, after thousands of miles of travel in the previous year), it was the only time we took her out – because of the shortened time we had on island, and various commitments, we just didn’t have a chance for any sailing trips this summer.  It was great to meet them in person, and we had a blast with them – hoping we see them again down in the islands!

Our biggest task to tackle this summer was to break our terrible smoking habit.  I promised Brian I would give Chantix a shot once we got into the doctor for our physicals.   Brian’s aunt also suggested I give hypnosis a shot, and so I launched myself into both avenues.  As of this writing, Brian and I haven’t touched a cigarette in nearly 6 weeks.  It hasn’t been easy, but for myself, the Chantix really made the difference, and as long as I stay smoke free, I know Brian will.  It’s still a challenge every day, but we’re doing it!

Good times with good friends!

Good times with good friends!

We spent the last two weeks of our stay on the docks, once the rates went down after Labor Day, which was a delightful treat – shore power, unlimited water, and cable TV make us insanely happy, not to mention just walking off the boat onto a dock, instead of dinghying everywhere.

One of countless gorgeous sunsets seen from our mooring - we will miss these next summer...

One of countless gorgeous sunsets seen from our mooring – we will miss these next summer…

As we said our farewells to family and friends this year, we were sad, but as of right now, we’ll be spending more time on Nantucket next summer…remember how I said we were just going to do the Bahamas this year?  Well, after the time and wear and tear on both boat and crew to get the boat from down south to Nantucket, we realized it’s just too much.  So, as of now…the plan is to tool around the Bahamas until March, get some crew to join us, and head for Puerto Rico, where we’ve found a facility that comes highly recommended in terms of storing your boat for hurricane season.  We’ll pack up the cats and fly back to the US, live on land with Brian’s dad on Nantucket and get – gasp – JOBS for the summer!


But first, we have to get ourselves south!

  1. I cannot imagine the thought of being on the boat during a hurricane but glad to see you got off but it must have still been worrying. What scares me more though is the though of us ever having to move off our boat and get real grown up jobs.. Ahhh Just going to wash my mouth out.

  2. Wow…Hurricane Arthur sounds like it must have been so scary. If you were there, you’d see boats floating by…but leaving your own boat, you must worry the whole time. That’s the one thing that really scares me about sailing around the world – hurricanes! Hopefully we can schedule our passage so we avoid them. I enjoyed reading your post! Big smiles :)

  3. I can’t imagine the stress of waiting to see how Summer Wind weathered Arthur. Glad all was fine- looking forward to following your southbound adventures!

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