Shore Leave – Bimini, Bahamas

As we get ready to move on, a quick wrap up of the rest of our time in Bimini – I figured I better get a quick wrap up of our time here out of the way before we lose our great internet access. Could be a few days before we have even cell service, and I’m hoarding my cell data so the most you might get from us is a quick Facebook update. What, you don’t like us on Facebook yet? Well you better go do that now, people!

Thursday – maybe we shouldn’t talk about how we took advantage of a rainy afternoon to leave a wee bit of the cruising kitty on the blackjack table. Seems we also left our luck at the Hard Rock in Ft Lauderdale. Oh well, we still had a great time.

Friday – recover from the pain of losing and a few days of too much beer to nap and read. We feel a little guilty when we stay on the boat all day, like we’re wasting a day of “vacation”…until we remind ourselves that it’s ALL vacation now!

Saturday – keeping on with my breakfast theme, I went back to Taste of Heaven and decided to get the weekend special, chicken souse. Basically it’s a chicken soup packed with meat, a potato or two, and a bit of broth, served with a jonny cake on the side, and it is awesome! Will definitely cure what ails you.

We had a few boat jobs that needed looking into, namely our stupid leaky port aft toilet, which not only has always been leaky, but when I thought I was Ms. Fix It, I accidentally managed to drop a screw from the toilet seat into. After trying to poke around in the bowl, I was convinced the screw had been sucked into the pump motor/macerate, and the motor would have to come off. The rusty, hard to get to screws mounting it to the toilet made that impossible, so finally we said we’d chance running a bunch of water through it in the hopes it would just pass through and not destroy it. Miracle of miracles…this total avoidance technique worked!

I was also keen to get our watermaker working which will allow us to convert salt water into fresh water, as in the Bahamas you have to pay for water at the docks. Here at Bimini Blue Water, it’s a very pricey $.75/gallon, though others say as we move on we should see more along the lines of $.10-.20/gallon. In any case, why pay for water when you can make your own? Brian had looked into getting it up and running this summer, but the project got put on the back burner due to a need to run fresh water through it for an hour or so, which wasn’t practical on the mooring there, and since then the water has been so dirty/brackish/silty that it would wreak havoc on the sensitive and pricey filters. He gave it a good try, trying to decipher one of the most confusing and poorly written manuals in existence, along with staring at a confusing collection of intake/outflow hoses, and so we ultimately decided that this was a project best left for when we have two weeks, not two days, to work on it. The beach sounded like a much better idea.

Super Bowl Sunday – a big part of the reason we’ve stayed here a week, other than the weather, was to make sure we had somewhere to watch the game. We started with another few hours on the beach, where we met a few new boats who had just crossed the day before (seems it was a bit bumpier than we dealt with), and had a great day of sun and swimming. Then we went home to rest up for the game, which we ultimately decided to watch at Bimini Big Game Club next door. We watched the first quarter outside at the tiki bar with cold Kaliks, then moved in so we could get a bite to eat, and their Super Bowl specials of steak nachos, and a rack and a half of ribs for $12, along with huge $18 pitchers of their house “ale” (which I’m convinced is Yuengling) did not disappoint. The game? Well, we all know that was another story (poor Peyton!).

Monday – once we got through the day after fog, I set out to tackle some laundry. Our friends on Journey and Adamant have been doing “bucket laundry”, and I will too one of these days (and of course you’ll get a post), but there was a laundromat a few blocks up the road, and Brian had discovered that quite a few of his shirts locked away in a closet had fallen victim to condensation, so I thought an actual washer/dryer might be best. While it was $9 to wash and dry one load, the view made this much less painful. We topped off the fuel and water tanks, caught a very scary loose shackle on our jib, and headed to the beach once again, before wrapping up the evening with Journey and Adamant at End of the World Sand Bar.

What we’ve loved about Bimini – the beautiful weather and beaches, great bars and restaurants, and friendly people, as well as the opportunity to make new friends.  What’s been not as great – spending money eating and drinking out, not being able to swim off the boat (SHAAAARRRRKKKKSSSS!), and…maybe that’s about it.  It’s been an amazing introduction to our host country.

Today, we’ll travel to just east of Cat Cay, and anchor out on the start of the Bahama Banks – we were going to stay on the lee (west) side of the cay, but after chatting with Wade from Adamant, it seems that even if we have a bumpy night, it gets this whole “anchoring on the banks” thing out of the way, and we should have no problem making the next island chain – the Berrys – tomorrow afternoon.  We aren’t really the “buddy boat” types, but it is nice to have friends nearby when you’re doing something new and potentially scary, as long as everyone agrees that even if you are following a similar track, you still make your own decisions.  I’ll be getting myself prepped for little internet access – man have we been spoiled here – and I’m hoping the Words With Friends/Facebook/email withdrawal isn’t too painful.  First World problems, I know 😉


Chicken souse...
Chicken souse…


Beautiful ocean beach at Bimini, with our new yacht in the distance ;-)

Beautiful ocean beach at Bimini, with our new yacht in the distance ;-)

Now THIS is how the Super Bowl is meant to be watched!

Now THIS is how the Super Bowl is meant to be watched!

Best. Laundromat. View. Ever.

Best. Laundromat. View. Ever.

Summertime Rolls, Journey, and Adamant enjoying the End of the World Sand Bar - when you buy your first beer, Denise hands over a marker so you can tag the walls!

Summertime Rolls, Journey, and Adamant enjoying the End of the World Sand Bar – when you buy your first beer, Denise hands over a marker so you can tag the walls!




  1. Doesn’t it feel great to say that? “We’re ON PERMANENT VACATION!”. I swear that doesn’t sink in until you get to the Bahamas, as up until that point, you still always feel like there’s someplace to need to keep heading toward. So happy you’re enjoying your time there. Hope we catch up eventually.

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