End of summer recap

Yes, I know we haven’t been blogging much, but this summer made it clear that when we are on Nantucket, we are “liveaboards”, not “cruisers”. When we returned from Block Island, we got into our day to day out on the mooring, which means boat work, working at the animal shelter, spending time with family and friends, maybe spending a bit too much time at our local bar, the Starlight.

It was amazing how the summer “switch” flipped once Labor Day passed. All of a sudden, there was a chill in the air and the harbor emptied out. We had to dig out our meager selection of “winter” clothes, and it was definitely too cold for jumping off the boat for a swim. Life on the mooring got a little less convenient too, as the Harbor Launch (water taxi) stopped running and the pump out boat was only operating on certain days. And did I mention that we had to do significant planning when it came to watching our NY Giants on Sundays (ok, maybe we’d be better off not watching them this season…sigh)? Your hearts bleed for us, I know.

More than once I lamented the fact that we couldn’t start heading south, but we had plans to fly to NC and spend a week with my mom, siblings, and nieces at the beach house my mom rented. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to leave our beloved Summer – as we prepped her for the worst (tying down sails in case of weather, flushing drains and heads with tons of vinegar, throwing out anything perishable and turning off the fridge), I was nervous about leaving her alone and exposed. We told her not to go on any walkabouts and to not let anyone touch her inappropriately while we were away. We also had to get the kitties to land for their week’s stay at Grandpa’s house, and we worried that since they hadn’t been on land for 6 months, they might get land sick.

It didn’t help that the day before we left, we had a nasty blow with winds out of the north at 25+ knots, and we were rocking and rolling for 24 hours straight. It was the first time I really got seasick!

In any case, the morning of our flight, we bade farewell to our girl, got the kitties off the boat and to Grandpa’s (they adjusted just fine), and trekked up to Boston for our flight.

We had a great week with my family, and the best part is that since we were near Morehead City, a place we passed on the ICW in the spring, we started to get really excited about our trip south. It got our minds on our route (where can we do the outside as opposed to the ICW? Where might we want to stop and explore more?). Brian slept in a “real” bed for the first time since moving aboard, we took baths in a bathtub, and we could take unlimited hot showers in a house as opposed to a marina. Most importantly, we spent quality time with my family and just relaxed!

When we got back to the island a week ago, we noticed how all the liveaboard boats in our part of the mooring field were gone. I knew these folks were still on island, so I stopped into the Boat Basin office just to see if a deal might be had at the docks. Know that the high season nightly rates for the marina are $7.50/foot and right now they’re “discounted” to $3.50/foot, which is still very much too rich for our blood. Imagine my delight when they told me that as Nantucket residents, we could stay for $150/week! I told Brian to fire up the engines, and an hour later we were tucked into a slip among the mega yachts and enjoying shore power. It was exactly what we needed in terms of prepping Summer and ourselves for our trip south!

Today is our last full day here, and it’s bittersweet. We’re excited to move on and get ever closer to the sandy beaches and turquoise waters that led us to pursue this lifestyle, but we are going to be very sad to leave the dear friends we’ve made this summer.

Tomorrow we hope to get a mid-day start and head back to Tarpaulin Cove, then we move on to new places as we work our way through Long Island Sound, NYC via the East River, the NJ coast, then back up the Delaware Bay to the Chesapeake. We’re looking forward to seeing our friends in Annapolis and getting a few odds and ends done, then we move on south! Expect more blogging as we get back on the “road”!

  1. We are all sad to see you two leave. We knew we liked you when we first met last Fall at Starlight! I am glad you made your trek back up our way to our little slice of paradise. Bon Voyage and safe travels! We can’t wait to come down south when the snow starts falling in our neck of the woods. See you soon you crazy kids XOXOX

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