Busy summer days on the Rock

Once again, I’ve been far too lazy about updating the blog – it’s just not as convenient to try and tap out an entry via phone or iPad (which is why you’ll see a lot more of our day to day on the Facebook page) – make sure to Like our page!

After we arrived at the beginning of July, I got the sad news that my dear Aunt Susan was very sick and didn’t have much longer with us, so I was on a plane for Southern California just a few days after getting here. I was thankful to get to spend a little time with her before she passed and to meet the wonderful friends she had out there. She was such a champion of what we are doing and was the one to remind me that my Grandpa would be so excited for us – he loved the water and sailing, and I realized where I got my passion for the sea from. I miss her a lot but I know we have another guardian angel looking out for us on our adventure.

When I got back from California, I was super excited to see that Brian had been a busy bee – he fashioned a new piece of starboard so that we no longer had gaping holes where the old Raytheon chart plotter had been in our nav station, we had a new grill, and he made lots of progress on other projects. I told him that he needs to write up his own blog entry to talk about his newfound electrical and mechanical skills, as I don’t understand 3/4 of what he’s doing most of the time.

The one major issue that I’ll mention here is the Great Refrigerator Debacle of 2013. One morning we noticed that the temperature gauge on the fridge was slowly creeping upward. Brian busted out the voltage meter and all his electrical tools and set to work, as I threw everything out immediately. After four days, many bags of ice, and LOTS of cursing, we called up our buddy Pete at Lunbar Marine in Annapolis, and he immediately explained that the problem wasn’t the fridge, it was that our house batteries weren’t charged up. Lesson learned? Check the batteries first and the faulty item second.

Of course, a few days later, our diesel generator quit on us. Luckily, Brian new the problem was a leak in our freshwater pump. Unluckily, replacing it was above Brian’s pay grade, but we did find the Westerbeke dealer on the island and got it replaced pretty quickly.

Now, you are asking yourselves, are these poor kids having ANY fun? Never fear, we are, indeed! Living in “town” this summer has given us a chance to meet the great crew at the Starlight, which quickly became our “local” and has been the recipient of more than a few of our cruising kitty dollars. I’m back at work at the local animal shelter, and even picked up a little website support work from one of my fellow volunteers who self-published “The Dogs of Nantucket”. We spent a great week or so showing our friends Leigh and Shannan from s/v Blue Dog our home port, which we loved doing.

Yes, I know, next question…have we done any sailing? Um…not much – we got ourselves off the mooring exactly once for a great afternoon at Great Point, and finally had a chance to work our new rigging. And it is GLORIOUS! Worth every penny! Next week, we are setting out for Block Island, with a stop on the way at Martha’s Vineyard – it’s going to feel great to get out there for some real traveling!

Between now and when we leave (early October, we think), I promise to update ye olde blog more often, and hope to focus on posts that talk more about life aboard. If you have questions you want us to answer, post them in the comments and I’ll try to work them in!
our home port


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