Our first (of countless) trips to West Marine

Yesterday, we ventured up to West Marine to start getting sailing gear.  I am now the proud owner of a very, very bright yellow rain jacket / pants combo (or, as they say, “foul weather gear”), docksiders that are just like the ones I wore as a kid in 1984, and most awesomely, a life jacket for Sam!  We’ll be getting one for Lucie as well, but figured we could start with one to get them used to it.

Sam is not amused.

  1. You might also want to invest in wetsuits – at least a shorty. You never know when you’ll have to dive under the boat for something when the water is on the chilly side (take it from a girl who wakeboards in 45 degree water).

    • Except I can’t say I’m looking forward to squeezing into a wetsuit – let’s hope that a summer of running and biking and swimming and sailing gets thing body-wise a bit more in order :-)

  2. One of the first things we discovered is that West Marine is your marine store of last resort. Unless you like spending your money as fast as you possibly can. If you’re not near a local retail outlet, there’s always Defender.com.

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