Well, we’re back home after spending the last two days down at the Annapolis Sailboat Show. Saw a bunch of different makes and models, and even more importantly, we actually enjoyed going out for a test sail on a Lagoon 380. I’m no scientician, but I am pretty sure that enjoying an activity will lead to wanting to continue doing said activity. So I’m going to view this weekend’s enjoyment as a positive.


Many thanks to Tommy Smith and the folks from Sail Away Catamarans for the test sail and all their help.


Here is the 380 we went out on.


Here I am managing to not crash said boat.


"Brian! You're doing it wrong!"

  1. I am very proud of both of you and a envious!!!! Glad the boat shopping was successful….a little scared about my sitter actually sailing….it’s a lot of work!

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