Almost there!

It’s been a whirlwind 6 weeks or so for the crew of Summertime Rolls! Most importantly, we have a BOAT!


We left Nantucket at the end of January, bound for Brian’s dad in Rye. The plan was to mind his cats while he was in Florida, make a trip to the Miami Sailboat Show for a few days, get rid of all of our possessions, close on the apartment, and find a boat. Miraculously, it looks like all of those things are happening.

We were really bummed out just prior to going to Miami, as the boat we’d been eyeing up for several months had gone into contract. Then, the day we arrived in Florida the listing popped up again – the previous deal had fallen through, so she was once again available. We immediately made arrangements to go see her.

When we got aboard, we pretty much instantly knew she was our boat. A 2001 Lagoon 410, she has four berths and 3 heads, nearly brand new electronics, and everything looked good. We made an offer that very day, and came to an agreement with the seller pretty quickly.

The next step was to schedule the survey and sea trial. For those of you non-sailors, this is the equivalent of a house inspection and car test drive. We hopped on a plane with our friend Coop (who wanted a break from the cold), and hit Fort Lauderdale.

Our surveyor Jonathan was fantastic – very thorough and patient in explaining the faults he found and the things that were in good shape. We had an amazing day out on the water, seeing the boat in action and experiencing the, um, “joys” of dealing with the myriad of drawbridges and narrow channels in that particular part of the ICW.

While there are definitely some things we will need to address on the boat, she was structurally sound overall and most of the major systems are in workable condition. There will be some things we’ll want to address fairly quickly, and others that can probably wait until we head north.

So, what’s the next step? As soon as we close on our apartment sale on Tuesday, and the boat on Thursday, we’ll hop in a rental car with our stuff and the cats, and drive south. We should be sleeping on our new floating home a week from Sunday, and that’s really when the adventure begins!

  1. Found this ….
    Sailors pray,
    For fair winds and a following sea
    The smell of salt in the air,
    The feel of their skin as it’s touched by the spray
    An albatross soaring above,
    Dolphins in the ship’s wake at play
    To witness a work of art that only God can create,
    The sunset at the end of day
    At night a million stars in the sky,
    Safe anchorage in an islands lee
    And always there would be,
    Fair winds and a following sea

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