Where you been?

Clearly we have been negligent on blogging.  The truth is, since we hadn’t been sailing so much, we used that as an excuse – but let’s get everyone up to speed.

We didn’t do any sailing until the beginning of August.  Delays in the boat getting in the water, Brian’s dad being away, then houseguests, then bad weather, meant that we haven’t gotten in nearly as much practice as we’d planned.  And honestly, when you have beach days like this one, it’s easy to decide to lounge and swim rather than sail!

Today we finally had enough sailing trips that Alan sent Brian and us out on our own.  We managed to remember to turn on all the thingamagigies and whatsthatcalleds, navigate the mooring field (which has cleared out significantly as summer winds down), get the mainsail up, and…slowly drift out into Nantucket Sound.  Did I mention we had about 0-.5 knot winds?

But we were so proud of ourselves, remembering what to do and when to do it, working together to figure out what we couldn’t remember, all calm voices and patience.  This will undoubtedly be the exception rather than the rule, but we’ll take it!

As far as the long term plan, we’re getting used to the idea that we just can’t have one.  Our apartment is still on the market, with no real bites yet, which means, no boat yet.  Right now we plan to stay here on beautiful Nantucket through the quiet fall and winter, until things come together and we can begin the adventure.  At first, I felt such anxiety, but I’m learning to go with the flow and take things as they come!  We stay busy, I volunteer at the animal shelter, Brian learns new video games, we’ve read dozens of books, we ride the trails on bikes…lots to do and all of it has brought us the peace we’ve been looking for.  And best of all – we’re together, we’re happy, we’re healthy, and I’m going to whup his butt in Fantasy Football this year!

Stay tuned….

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