Trip Report – Norfolk – Chesapeake – Annapolis

After our long trip up the ICW, we knew we wanted a few days’ break in Norfolk.  Since Brian’s dad paid for a few marina days for us, we figured we could spring for 2 extra days to relax and enjoy.  We were pleasantly surprised by Norfolk – it’s got a really cute downtown with lots of restaurant options and a great mall – so we got the chance to revisit “city” life for a few days.

Finally, though, our departure date arrived and we were ready to shove off.  We were anxious to get to Annapolis, but the weather gods had other plans for us.  Day 1 was decent, with favorable winds, weather kept us at anchor for Day 2, we braved some wild seas on Day 3 which left us frozen and battered, Day 4 we decided to heed the small craft warnings and stay put, but finally on days 5 and 6, while we had wind on the nose that kept us motoring as opposed to sailing, we at least weren’t getting beaten up by waves and wind!

We were so excited to arrive at Pier 7 Marina and the docks of Sail Away Catamarans.  Tommy told us as we turned into the South River that they had burgers and beer waiting for us, which sounded like heaven.

I showed off my amazing and brilliant docking skills yet again by squeezing our 24 foot wide boat through a 30 foot space, the crew tied us up, and we were all settled in.

After waking with a bit of the cocktail flu, we greeted Collin from CL Rigging, who will be moving our main sheet back to the cockpit and putting in an electric winch for it so that we can raise the mainsail from the wheel.  As soon as he started quoting Fletch, I knew Brian had met his new best friend.  He also made clear that our timeline here in Annapolis is looking like 3 weeks at least, which is kind of a bummer as we really wanted to get to Nantucket sooner, but such is the life of a cruiser!

We’ve got some electronic and engine work lined up as well, and a new sail bag to replace our destroyed one is on order.  We’re lucky to be with new friends, there’s a tiki bar here at the marina (could be dangerous), and we’ve got grocery stores and Dunkin’ Donuts within walking distance, so we’re all set.  The Sail Away crew is going to host a renaming ceremony for the boat at their open house on the 15th of June, which we’re looking forward to, and of course, once our wallets are sucked dry, we’re going to have a spiffy new setup.  If you’re in the area, or want to come visit, just drop us a line!

  1. I’m jealous of your docking skills. That’s one thing I still have yet to do.

    While you’re spending your time in Annapolis, make sure to head over to Chick n Ruth’s for some good food. If I remember right, they also have a pretty good happy hour on their beers that starts around 4 or 5. Cheers!

    • I only saw your comment a few days ago…but as far as docking goes, I was awful and scared the first few times, and I bailed, but if you pick a place without a strong current and on a day with light winds, and just take it slow and easy, it can be a piece of cake! Now Brian is the one who doesn’t want to do the docking;-)

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