Our Route

ICW – Spring 2013

Date Departed From @ Arrived At @ Mile Marker Anchorage Notes
15-16 April Fort Lauderdale, FL @ 9 AM St. Augustine, FL @ 10:30 PM 777.8 Straight   shot!
23 April St. Augustine, FL @ 6:35 AM Fernandina Beach, FL @ 4:35   PM 719.8 Amelia River.  A little shallow but held just fine!
24 April Fernandina Beach, FL @7:45 AM Lanier Island, GA @5:25 PM 665.7 Frederica River.  Had a bit more trouble here, a lot of power   boats and crab pots, so it took us a while to find a spot we felt comfortable   in.
25 April Lanier Island, GA @ 7:30 AM Birthday Creek, GA @ 5:55 611.4 This creek is not named on   the chart and is remote, but boy was it pretty, and the holding was great.
26 April Birthday Creek, GA @7:30 AM Daufuskie Island, SC @ 5:30 570.1 New River.  This was another quiet anchorage, not much   shelter, but we wished we’d had another day to explore the island via golf   cart, and our dinner at Marshside Mama’s was awesome!
27 April Daufuskie Island, SC @ 9:15 Beaufort, SC @ 4:00 536.3 Downriver from the   marina.  This is a deep anchorage and   we had all our chain and a good chunk of our rode out, but no dragging!
1 May Beaufort, SC @ 8:45 Church Creek @ 6:15 488.2 Was a popular anchorage, we   anchored in about 10 feet and while we were concerned about the tides and   grounding, we did just fine.
2 May Church Creek @ 7:40 Toler’s Cove Marina   @ 2:30 462 As we had 30 kt winds on our   nose and were fighting current all day (not to mention we needed a pump out),   we decided to come in to this marina.    Great place even though no showers or laundry, walking distance to   restaurants and stores.  They even   drove us into downtown Charleston!
6 May Toler’s Cove Marina @ 8:45 Minim Creek @ 5:15 415.5 We’d recommend the east   anchorage here (the west is pretty narrow).    Just watch out for the crab pots!
7 May Minim Creek @ 8:00 Waccamaw River @ 4:25 374.8 This was probably the   prettiest anchorage we came across!    Super calm, lots of shelter from the trees, good water.  A good jumping off point for the Ditch.
8 May Waccamaw River @ 8:05 Little River / Calabash Creek   @ 1:25 341.7 Be really careful getting in   to this anchorage!  Very shallow   entrance, and a tricky place to set the hook.    But close to some seafood restaurants!
9 May Calabash Creek @ 8:00 Carolina Beach @ 4:30 295.1 This was a mooring field, not   an anchorage, but it was a great location with good restaurants.
10 May Carolina Beach @ 8:45 Wrightsville Beach @ 11:30 283.2 We stayed at Seapath Yacht Club, which was   pretty nice, to wait for Brian’s dad to meet us.
11 May Wrightsville Beach @ 8:45 Mile Hammock Bay @ 3:30 244.5 Great anchorage, within the   grounds of Camp Lejeune.  Big basin   with lots of room and good holding.
12 May Mile Hammock Bay @ 8:00 Beaufort @ 2:30 202.3 We stayed at Town Creek   Marina, which was ok…I think if we hit the tides right, we’d try the Beaufort   Town Docks next time!
13 May Beaufort @ 8:15 Snode Creek @ 153.1 Basically just a wide part of   the ICW, where we pulled off the channel.    Pretty rolly!
14 May Snode Creek @ 7:00 Catfish Point @ 4:30 94.3 This was a tricky one – you have   to enter from the south about a mile out, and be very careful for all of the   dead trees, sticks etc in the water
15 May Catfish Point @ 7:00 Coinjock Marina @ 3:30 50 Not to be missed!  Great little marina and a fantastic   restaurant!
16 May Coinjock @ 8:00 Norfolk @ 4:30 0 We stayed at the Waterside   Marina, which is pretty good.  Great   downtown location!


Chesapeake – Spring 2013

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