The Crew

Rebecca & Brian Vaughan

Our Story

We met in the fall of 2005 via Friendster (remember that?), and after a few stops and starts, were engaged 5 months later and married in 2007. We had both lived in NYC for around 14 years and had good jobs (Rebecca in IT at a bank, Brian at a big science fiction/fantasy publisher) and a great apartment walking distance to work. However, we had always had a five year plan to quit everything and somehow move down to the Caribbean and live out the rest of our lives there. Of course, how to actually enact said plan was never something that we seriously thought out.

Then in early 2011 on the recommendations of friends, we went to St. John for a vacation. We instantly fell in love with the island and vowed to find a way to get out of the city and spend our lives in proximity to warm beautiful seas. Unfortunately, St. John is super expensive. Even more than NYC expensive. So how to combine our dream to live in this paradise, with our budget? After two more trips to the island in the next 12 months, with the last being in early 2012 we decided we really needed to find a way to pull off our plan.

Coincidentally around this time Brian had stumbled on to a blog about a couple who had no sailing experience, sold all of their possessions and bought a catamaran and circumnavigated the globe. We highly recommend checking their blog out from the start, it is a great read:

So there it was! Our chance to get out of the city and live on the cheap whilst still being able to chase the summer around and visit a bunch of amazing places. It took us about 2-3 days to decide to throw caution to the wind and set the plan in motion. Within a couple of weeks we had our apartment on the market and had signed up for a weeklong liveaboard sailing course on a 47 foot catamaran.

At this point, we should probably also mention a couple of other things that lead to our decision. At the time we made the final choice to go through with the plan Brian’s mother was in very poor health, and she ended up passing away in April of 2012. Also, in the summer of 2009 Brian was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He’s doing great with the disease and managing it with medication, but there is so little known on how and why it works that who knows how it will eventually progress. These were two major factors in us deciding that life was too short, and why wait to make a change.

In May 2012 we both quit our jobs and in June we moved up to Nantucket to hang out with Brian’s dad in his house there. We thought the apartment would sell quickly, but soon weeks turned into months with no takers. In the meantime we had sublet the apartment to cover our mortgage and carrying costs and were settling down to a life on Nantucket. Finally, in January 2013 we got a signed contract on our apartment and headed down to the Miami Boat Show. It just so happened the boat we’d been eyeing for months was still on the market and located in nearby Ft. Lauderdale. We saw the boat one morning, made an offer that afternoon, and were in contract that evening.

We sold our apartment on March 19th, bought the boat on March 21st, and were on the road early on the 22nd with all of our possessions and our 2 cats. We moved on board on March 24th, and off we went!

Our Crew

In addition to ourselves, we have Head Navigatrix Lucie…

"Let's go THAT WAY!"

“Let’s go THAT WAY!”

…And chief food-eater and napper Stevie…

"Where's dinner?"

“Where’s dinner?”



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