Both of us keep looking at each other in amazement that we have ACTUALLY MOVED ON TO A BOAT.  Yes, there was no question that we would, but…it’s crazy that we’re finally here!

So, a brief summary of what’s been going on.  We got here around 2 on Sunday, and were so relieved to see our new girl was still floating and looking relatively good.  The first order of business was to get the shore power hooked up and the A/C going, so the cats would not die.  Remarkably, we did that without the boat exploding.  Actually, I feel like anything we do that has to do with the electrical systems is a success as long as we don’t blow up.  Cats got settled (and quickly, I may add), we poked around a bit, and the next order of business was to go find Publix and beer.

We rang in the first night on the boat with too many of those beers, and James, the boat’s seller’s broker, stopped by with a big bottle of rum, so needless to say we didn’t feel awesome on Monday morning.  But we were still up and at ‘em bright and early.

Tuesday, we spent the day taking advantage of still having a car to burn up Brian’s Amex card at West Marine and Target.  Did you know you can spend $1100 at Target?  We didn’t think so either!

What became very clear to us once we got back was that the boat was starting to smell a little bit…poopy.  We knew from the survey that one of the heads was leaky, so we’d been avoiding that one, but it seems one of the other two had a bit of a leak.  I was all set to call someone – anyone – to come out and replace every hose and line to make the poop go away until it occurred to me that we had no idea when the last time the holding tanks had been emptied.  Thanks to Waste Busters, we had an appointment for the next morning for someone to come out and take care of that!  Until then, it was trips to the restroom in the apartment complex next to the dock for us.

Yesterday, the Waste Busters folks came out to save us from our own filth.  I’m waiting out on deck for the guy, expecting some sort of big barge, but all I see is a small-ish skiff coming our way.  How will he get our poop on to that??  Then I see the 500 gallon drum in the middle and it all becomes clear.  He ties up next to us, attaches a hose to our tanks, and whoosh!  We are no longer full of shit (literally).

Then we faced what became our first real mechanical frustration with the boat – lowering the dinghy.  The lines that hold the dinghy up out of the water, we discovered, were all twisted around in the davits, which meant we couldn’t properly lower the dinghy into the water.  I can’t claim to have done much to get around this issue, but Brian was amazing.  It was an extremely frustrating situation, but Brian used his best MacGuyver talents and a creative use of our bridle to get the lines straightened out and the rigging in better shape than it was (though still not perfect!)

One last run with the car before we had to return it (Propane for our stove and grill, West Marine for some extra fenders and a pair of sunglasses for me – mine went into the drink on Monday night), then worked on figuring out the water tanks, and finally a good, full scrubbing of all the heads, and it was time to see what we had nearby on foot.  A great dive bar?  Check.  Fantastic and cheap Mexican joint?  Check!  We may never leave!

Right now our hope is to stay here until April 15th and then think about moving up closer to Boca or Palm Beach for a few days.  We have no real agenda at the moment other than wanting to be in Annapolis around May 15th, and Nantucket by June 15th.

I realize I have no pictures to post with this, but right now the boat is a disaster and I’d rather give you all the tour once we’ve managed to put everything where it needs to go.  Stay tuned!

  1. Well done you two! … Getting in sync with you boat and actually tacking stuff – who would’t thunk? … Though I do need to knw what you bought at target for over a grand … Didn’t you bring enough? ….
    Ps … Stock up on sunglasses at CVS (under $10) and some croakies – the rubber/plastic kind …
    Enjoy your “getting to know you, getting to know all about you” time with you new girl … See you in July with the hags!

  2. Shannan and I like to make up names for the pump-out boats: Shit Suckers, Poop Pumpers, etc.

    Be sure to visit Sailorman while you are in Fort Lauderdale! It’s the mariner’s equivalent of grandpa’s garage, only bigger. You’ll be able to find things less expensively there than at West Marine – but you have to be willing to dig. :-)

  3. You go, guys! I’m amazed the cats adjusted so quickly–do they actually go on deck or do they stay in the cabin? And I love the fact you have a grill–even though I know it’s an essential as far as Brian is concerned, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone grilling on a boat…. Can’t wait to see the tour!!

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